Other Testimonials


Sarah McGough wrote in 2012:

Thank you for making my college search so easy. I love how I can factor different requirements such as.. sport, division, state, major and then colleges that meet those requirements pop up and from there I can access their information directly, how amazing is that!

Rhett Tallas wrote in 2010:

EZ Sports Page proved to be an invaluable tool during Alexandra's recruiting process. She included her website information on all communication sent to prospective coaches. As a result the website was viewed by over a hundred college coaches and she received dozens of scholarship offers. The website provided a forum for Alexandra to post and link pertinent information about her academic and athletic achievements. EZ Sports Page is extremely user friendly allowing the most novice person to develop a professional looking site. The site definitely attributed to her full athletic scholarship so thank you Mike Stuart and the EZ Sports Page staff.

Kevin and Nancy Blake wrote in 2010:

All of the coaches that Matt spoke to wanted to see a video and had questions about athletic and academic statistics. Matt was able to include the link to his web site that had video, pictures, statistics, references and contact information in all of the emails he sent to coaches. Many of the coaches were impressed with the web site and said that it had the information that they usually asked prospective players for all in one site. The site is already formatted and all we had to do was put in his information.

California State University-Monterey Bay (Otters) - Head Baseball Coach

Walt White wrote in 2010:

EZ Sports Page provides a great service for prospective student athletes. With video, photos, and extensive academic and athletic backgrounds on each student athlete, the service helped us identify kids for our program. The service is very professional and it addressed many of our recruiting questions regarding the student athlete. EZ Sports Page helped us in the initial stages of recruitment in terms of identifying potential prospects.

Lisa Keks wrote in 2009:

I don't remember if I ever thanked you for placing Peter into the "featured athlete" position.  I am not sure if it was due to this or the letters and emails my son and husband have sent out to college coaches but the number of his "hits" have increased significantly.   I know I have been sending in requests regarding multiple sports. Thank you so much for accommodating this.  It has been very helpful to us in building a solid athlete profile for our son.  This website has been everything we have hoped for to providing a great avenue for prospective recruiters.

Tabitha Guzman wrote in 2009:

Thank you EZSportsPage for making our website a success. As an actively involved football parent, I cannot express the gratitude I have for EZSportsPage.com! You have "held my hand" and helped me get my son’s (www.joshguzman.net) web page up and running successfully. I am not all that "computer savvy" and your patience and expertise have been GREATLY appreciated. As both a mom and booster club president of the West Ranch High School Kick-Off Booster Club, I highly recommend investing in EZSportsPage. The customer service cannot be topped! I am honored to partner with the GREAT EZSportsPage team, they truly have the success of each athlete at heart! Thank you