Building Your EZ Sports Profile

“8 Tips to Make the Most of it”

Building your own website can be a fun and rewarding experience. With EZSportsPage you control not only the look and feel of the site but the content as well. Always remember that what ever you do is what the coaches and colleges will see when you forward your profile to them so it’s important to make it look as professional as possible.

1. Promote Your Name: One of the most unique things about EZSportsPage is that it allows you to use your own domain name. Although you can choose any name available, we suggest you first try to use you own name. That way, any coach, college, or friend that’s trying to reach you can always find you through any search engine by simply spelling your name. If “.com” is unavailable try “.net”. Remember, your name is the best tool to promote your skills and abilities.

2. Start Early: Start building your profile as early as the 8th grade if possible. The longer you are on the web, the more recognition you receive and the easier you are to find. Also, coaches love to see your progress over the years. You can organize your profile by year which allows coaches to go back and see how you’ve improved.

3. Keep it Simple: The basic template is organized to maximize the information presented in a simple and easy to use format. When the coaches receive your email with your website link, it may be new to them and they likely will have never heard of you. When they open it for the first time, first impressions really matter. Always keep your content short and to the point. Look at other athlete’s profiles in the directory to get ideas for your layout. Use verifiable sources such as Max Preps, for example, to validate your information.

4. Be Prepared: When you sit down to begin creating your profile, have as much of the information in front of you as possible. You’ll need all of your stats (both academic and athletic), your videos, your pictures, your newspaper articles and press releases, and finally your references. When possible, try to get comments from your references to post under their name and always remember to post their contact information so colleges have an easy way to verify the content. Please remember, this is a process that changes as you grow as an athlete and you will constantly be updating the information and/or the look.

5. Stay Organized: It’s important to update your profile as often as your stats change or new pictures or videos become available. Remember, your profile is available for the world to see and keeping it up to date lets coaches know you’re serious about your sport.

6. The Camera is Your Friend: Always have a friend or family member film your games, tournaments, events, as well as camps and competitions. Professional videographers are available thru the EZSP network of partners upon request. Remember, you can never predict with certainty when you or your team will achieve a new “personal best” so have the camera ready! Video is generally better than still photography and you should always use the highest resolution camera you have. Pictures that are blurry or out of focus won’t convey your skill level to prospective coaches.

7. Be Honest: Be careful to portray your achievements with accuracy. Any coach that becomes interested in you through your EZSP Profile will confirm your stats and accomplishments before they decide to make an offer so it does no good to exaggerate or even “bend” the truth.

8. Make Sure Coaches See You: This is why you purchased EZSportsPage…to forward your profile to coaches in a well organized format that contains all the information they need to make you an offer! First decide which schools you’re interested in. Remember more is always better. We recommend at least 10 to 15 schools on your target list. Second, either go to each college’s website and look at the coaches roster and try to find the right coach’s email or use “College Sports Connect” (see the partner link at the bottom of our website), a great tool to quickly locate the coaches you’re looking for. Lastly, create a cover letter to send along with your website address. Click here for a sample letter. Some colleges will prefer to have you forward the information they’re looking for in their own questionnaire. Complete the questionnaire but always include a printed copy of your profile as well.